What do we offer

In order to best meet your needs we offer different consultancy packages based on the level of the engagement

What do we offer



Typically a 3-6 weeks of engagement focusing on:

  • Initial Advice: review of the current documentation, suitability of current procedures, analysis of previous fraud and declined bookings, analysis of current high risk areas, analysis of live and recent fraud transactions.
  • Analysis of (near to) live transactions, both authorised and declined
  • Recommendations: how to minimize fraud in the future, lessen the false rejection rate, road map of future activities. 


Onsite visit and training of staff

Typically a 1-3 weeks of engagement focusing on:

  • Onsite visit
  • Training of customer’s own staff



Long term cooperation where fraud prevention is staffed by Travel FraudGuard’s Fraud Analysts.


Free consultation! If you have questions and you are not sure if you need a consultant, call us or write to us for a free introductory consultation to find out if we can help you.
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