Travel FraudGuard has the experience, resources and tools to help your company fight fraud, whatever the circumstances.

All our services are tailor-made for your company’s needs and budget.

The following four activities will be central to our work for you:

●             Identify processes and channels that are susceptible to fraudulent activity.

●             Develop a customized plan to root out fraudulent transactions.

●             Ensure swift validation of honest transactions.

●             Lower revenue leakage due to fraud and thereby improve profitability.



Our extensive contacts with over 100 airlines, plus our connections with banks and other agencies involved in fraud prevention measures mean that we are well placed to help you.

Our consultancy services cover the following main steps.

Initial Advice

●             Review of current documentation

●             Assessment of suitability of current procedures

●             Analysis of previous fraud and declined bookings (too often bookings are declined for the wrong reasons)

●             Analysis of current high risk areas, specific to you

●             Analysis of live and recent fraud transactions, chargeback monitoring

Staff Training

●             How to spot fraud (based upon actual live data)

●             What to do when fraud is identified

●             How to deal with fraudulent data


●             How to minimize fraud in the future

●             Roadmap of future activities, to fit your budget

●             Selection and implementation of third party or in-house systems



With our team of experienced fraud analysts, Travel FraudGuard is ideally placed to provide you with a robust, outsourced fraud prevention capability.

Outsourced activities cover:

●             Monitoring your eCommerce transactions remotely

●             Providing manual inspection of any transaction

●             Escalating concerns immediately by phone or email to you



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